Adapting to Climate Change: Methods and Tools for Climate Risk Management.

This guidebook seeks to provide organitzizations with the information they need in order to understand the range of issues involved in adaptation, and to help them make informed decisions about how they may make progress with adaptation planning in practice. It explains why adaptation is climate risk management and provides a comprehensive overview of methods and tools for climate risk assessment.

Guide for Industrial Zone Managers

The Guide provides information, practical tools, case studies and recommendations to support Industrial Zone managers in conducting a climate risk analysis and developing an adaptation strategy. The Guide is structured along the following sections: Industrial zones and adaptation to climate change, implementing an adaptation strategy, building adaptation capacity of industrial zones, supporting tools and references.

Stimulating private sector engagement and investment in building disaster resilience and climate change adaptation

This study explores how public finance can be better used to stimulate private sector engagement in building disaster resilience and preparedness for natural catastrophes and climate change. Through four country case studies (Bangladesh, Kenya, Mozambique, Pakistan) and research this report explores what the private sector needs in order to overcome constraints to its engagement and investment in building resilience.

Private Sector Adaptation to Climate Change and Development Agency Support

This note explores the role of the private sector in adaptation and describes challenges to private sector adaptation. It summarizes how development agencies are providing support, e.g. through partnerships with private sector actors, facilitation of clean technology transfer and other measures. The note end with a short overview of the potential ways forward.