Gender Strategy of GIZ project on Private Adaptation Finance

Tackling gender inequality and disparities is crucial to build resilient communities and economies. This Gender Strategy outlines the steps the GIZ’s project on Private Adaptation Finance (PAF) – part of the global project NDC Assist II – undertakes to mainstream gender when mobilizing mobilizing finance and investment in private sector solutions for climate change adaptation and resilience.

Assessing the Adaptation Relevance of Businesses: A Selection of Tools

Build an Adaptation & Resilience Narrative for your Business

This publication provides an overview of selected tools that businesses can use to identify climate risks and impacts in their regions and economic sectors, and a short guidance as to how this information can be used to build a company’s narrative towards their adaptation relevance.

Briefing: Impact Investing for Climate Change Adaptation, an Introduction

This Briefing provides an introduction to climate change adaptation, its relevance for impact investors and how the issue can be addressed in investment strategies. The focus lies on investment opportunities in SMEs and growth stage companies in developing countries and emerging markets. At the same time, much of the analytical framework is applicable to developed markets as well, for example how to identify adaptation-relevant business models.

Webinar: Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

The Private Adaptation Investment Bootcamp will be hosting a webinar on “Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience”. Providing both theoretical background and practical examples, the webinar will target entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and the wider ecosystem of climate adaptation professionals, contributing to their understanding of climate change impacts and related business opportunities, and providing a platform for further engagement. 

EVPA Webinar: Opportunities for Climate Adaptation Finance – An Introduction

As climate adaptation finance is a topic with global import, EVPA, GIZ & AVPA are bringing together global perspectives for an introductory e-talk. You will hear more about the importance of private capital in climate adaptation finance, market trends, business opportunities, unrealised impact potential and common challenges. Recorded webinar from June 9.

ANDE West Africa Regional Conference 2022

The ANDE West Africa Regional Conference 2022 took part on 19 and 20 July 2022 in Accra, Ghana. The 2022 conference themed “Accelerating SGB Growth in Africa” focused on critical talent challenges in the SGB sector, as well as how SGBs can help developing economies to achieve the UN SDGs.

PrivABoo Summer School 2022

The Summer School 2022, as part of the PrivABoo Practitioners Lab, took place on 16, 18, 23 August and 1 September 2022. It focused on exploring the context of Adaptation SMEs and their climate change related opportunities and impacts. Additionally, adaptation tools and approaches were discussed, as well as financing opportunities for climate change adaptation.

Becoming a Climate Resilient SME

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The International Trade Centre (ITC) offers a free e-learning course for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and experts working with them. The course features the GIZ Climate Expert Approach. Next starting date is Monday, 28th of June. Register now!