Monitoring & Evaluation

Keeping track of climate
adaptation progress

Policy Briefs

This policy brief examines the feasibility and practicability of a set of common global adaptation indicators and their use in context of the Paris Agreement. It looks at the different purposes of applying adaptation metrics and provides recommendations for their targeted use.


This policy brief …

The Paris Agreement calls for enhanced transparency of adaptation action and an assessment of collective progress via the Global Stocktake. This policy brief outlines how country-specific monitoring and evaluation (M&E) can provide valuable information on adaptation actions and results and how this supports the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Based on good practice examples from pioneering countries, recommendations are provided how to develop national adaptation M&E systems that can track progress and inform decision making.

This policy brief addresses the difficulties of determining vulnerability through global indices and gives recommendations on how to use and interpret them including in the international climate policy context. The policy brief is based on a comparison of country rankings of four common vulnerability and risk indices.

The paper analyzes the synergies in monitoring the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The policy brief provides recommendations for complementary national and global monitoring, as well as reporting towards their objectives in regard to adaptation to climate change.