As a part of the growing urgency to adapt to the impacts of climate change, the role of the private sector is now more visible than ever. A growing number of companies, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in developed and developing countries offer products and services that support their customers to adapt to climate change. The attention of investors is also increasing and consequently, investment funds progressively started to include SMEs and their goods, services, and technologies in their portfolios. Unfortunately, adaptation businesses often fail to be identified by investors as a result of limited communication of the adaptation relevance by the solution providers.

This is why through the Private Adaptation Finance Component and our Private Adaptation Investment Bootcamp (PrivABoo), we aim to support “Adaptation SMEs” in communicating and marketing their adaptation and resilience impact to investors and finance providers. As part of these efforts, we invite you to check our new publication Assessing the Adaptation Relevance of Businesses: A Selection of Tools, prepared by Josué Arguedas Vargas.