Climate Services to support Infrastructure Investment Planning for the Port of Itajai in Brazil

During climate services baseline and climate risk assessments in Brazil, it was discovered that there are gaps in the provision of climate information. The lack of skills and capacities in providing quality services, as well as products that do not meet the specific needs of users, hinder usability. To address these issues, a series of climate products has been created. These products analyze the current and predicted effects of climate parameters such as temperature, wind, precipitation, lighting, and sea level on the region of Santa Catarina. This report focuses specifically on the port of Itajai. Future climate scenarios have been modeled using RCM. The purpose of this product is to support decision-makers in integrating climate considerations into the planning, implementation, maintenance, and operation of the infrastructure.

This five-fold report includes an analysis of the current frequency of extreme events related to sea level rise and its impact on the port of Itajai. The last chapter simulates the frequency by which those events will happen in the future. You can download the reports in Portugese here: