International EbA Community of Practice

Examples from practice

The international EbA Community of Practice aims at knowledge and experience sharing and mutual learning beyond projects, institutions and regional boundaries on EbA. Its purpose is to jointly develop harmonized approaches, evidence-based lessons learned and best practices for how to plan and implement effective ecosystem-based adaptation to help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change through a collaborative learning process. Members of this knowledge and exchange network are primarily from governments and international organisations as well as civil society and research institutions with an interest in strengthening ecosystem-based adaptation in planning and decision-making. 


Since the foundation of the international EbA Community of Practice in 2015, the network has focused on the following topics:

  • Tools and methods for succesfully mainstreaming EbA
  • Entry points for EbA mainstreaming in decision-making processes
  • Vulnerability and climate risk assessments
  • Evidence on the effectiveness of EbA measures
  • Strategic communication of EbA benefits
  • Financing options
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for EbA


A variety of tools and formats for knowledge exchange and the promotion of best practices within the community of practice are applied:

  • Annual workshops of the International EbA Community of Practice: Annual learning events provide opportunities for the EbA Community of Practice members to come together for face-to-face dialogue and collaboration. These events consist of a combination of facilitated discussions on emerging issues within the EbA Community of Practice as well as practice-oriented training in tools, methodologies or technologies in support of EbA practice and/or the functioning of the community itself. They also include field trips to expose participants to the challenges and successes experienced in implementing EbA in the field. Learning brief summarizing the outcomes of latest the latest workshop here
  • Virtual discussion series, webinars & EbA video: A picture is worth a thousand words. When it gets to the dissemination of complex information, moving pictures come to the fore. Virtual discussion series, documented at the community’s member space and a YouTube channel, established in 2016, provides regular information from practitioners, experts, planners and decision makers on EbA related topics, such as broadcasted webinars. More information: EbA Community of Practice on YouTube.  Please contact us if you wish to subscribe to the virtual member space and engage in the discussions.
  • PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet: Learning from each other’s success – this is the concept of the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet. PANORAMA is a partnership initiative to document and promote examples of inspiring, replicable solutions across a range of conservation and development topics, enabling cross-sectoral learning and inspiration. It allows practitioners to share their stories, get recognized for successful work, and learn how others have tackled problems across the globe, by encouraging reflection on and learning from proven approaches. This platform houses a number of thematic portals. One of them is a portal for ecosystem-based adaptation solutions. The EbA Solutions Portal fosters sharing of field-proven knowledge and experience on ecosystem-based adaptation in different regions and ecosystems around the globe. It shows that inspiring and replicable solutions can be found everywhere on this planet and that EbA or “green solutions” are a state-of-the-art-reply to climate change impacts and deliver a multitude of benefits for societies, economies and environment. Launched at CBD CoP 13 in Cancún in 2016, the EbA portal is open to connect practitioners and decision makers and to solution providers from all countries, sectors and levels to share their stories. More information: Ecosystem-based Adaptation solutions on PANORAMA
  • AdaptationCommunity: is an online resource, created by GIZ to provide information on applying approaches, methods and tools that facilitate the planning and implementation of adaptation action. It is based on the idea that enhancing knowledge and sharing experience is the key to successful adaptation strategies. Therefore, this thematic platform on a variety of adaptation-related topics such as ecosystem-based adaptation, the NAP process, Loss and Damage, monitoring and evaluation, and private sector adaptation offers trainings, publications, fact sheets and webinars to exchange experience from practice as well as to share lessons learnt. More information:

The international EbA Community of Practice is facilitated by the Global Project ‘Mainstreaming EbA’, which is funded through the International Climate Initiative of the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and implemented by GIZ.


Global Project on Mainstreaming EbA

The global project Mainstreaming EbA aims to strengthen the ability of decision-makers at international, national and local level to mainstream (ecosystem-based) adaptation into policy and planning processes. This is achieved by a mix of policy advice, capacity development and the establishment of knowledge networks based on practical tools and examples. The project is commissioned by BMUB-IKI and implemented by GIZ.

On, the project’s knowledge products will be shared. This comprises systematic strategies, methods and piloted tools for mainstreaming EbA (e.g. policy entry points, risk and vulnerability assessments, prioritization of measures, monitoing and evaluation (M&E) of EbA). To strengthen capacities for EbA mainstreaming, planning and implementing (ecosystem-based) adaptation measures, tailor-made trainings are provided on demand. EbA solutions are innovative concepts and practical approaches that inspire and help to overcome challenges to mainstream EbA. Solutions are comprised of distinct building blocks that determine its success. According to the Solution-ing Approach, such building blocks may be adapted and recombined with others to address specific challenges in other socio-cultural and ecological contexts, sectors, or geographies. The active sharing of (EbA) solutions is promoted at

As a facilitator of the international EbA Community of Pratice, the global project Mainstreaming EbA works closely with partner projects as well as international think tanks and NGOs all around the globe. Learn more about projects at country level and other organizations.

Core Partners:

Mexican-German Climate Change Alliance II (BMUB-IKI)

Contribution to the environmental objectives of Peru (ProAmbiente) (BMZ)
Public Investment and Climate Change Adaptation – IPACC II (BMUB-IKI)

Support to the Philippines in shaping and implementing the international climate regime – Support CCC II (BMUB-IKI)

South Africa:
Climate Support Programme – CSP (BMUB-IKI)

Strategic mainstreaming of ecosystem-based adaptation  (BMUB-IKI)

Exchange Partners:

Biodiversity and climate change in the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica) (BMUB-IKI)

Central Asia:
Sustainable use of natural ressources in Central Asia (BMUB-IKI)

Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in Colombia and Ecuador (BMUB-IKI)

Pilot Programme ‘Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies‘ (BMUB-IKI)

Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Protected Areas (BMUB-IKI)

Programme for the Support of the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (BMZ)

Improved management of extreme events through ecosystem-based adaption in watersheds – ECOSWat (BMUB-IKI)

International partners – examples:

IIED – Ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation

IUCN – Ecosystem-based adaptation programme

UNEP-WCMC – Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation