PrivABoo Summer School 2022

Business opportunities in climate change adaptation: Business models, implementation tools, and access to finance

The science is clear: Climate action across the world is more urgent than ever. But even the best efforts to minimize human activities that accelerate global warming are now too little too late to avert the already apparent and expected impacts of a changing climate. The urgent need to adapt to the impacts of climate change is therefore also clear. This comes with opportunities for innovation and with business opportunities to meet a growing demand for products and services that build resilience and enable adaptation to the impacts of climate change. As literacy on climate risks improves, and markets for adaptation solutions develop, investor interest is also increasing.

About the Private Adaptation Investment Bootcamp (PrivABoo)
The program aims to support growth-stage to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that offer climate adaptation-relevant technologies, products or services (“Adaptation SMEs”) to their clients and to connect them with impact investors, who want to build a portfolio in climate change adaptation. PrivABoo is designed as a flexible and dynamic learning cycle that responds to the participants’ individual needs , aiming to increase their capacity to recognize, finance and scale business opportunities in the field of climate change adaptation.

PrivABoo Practitioners Lab | Summer School 2022
The PrivABoo Practitioners Lab offers participants a space to connect and to exchange expertise to drive investment in business models for climate change adaptation. Our aim is to support the transfer of knowledge to mobilize climate change adaptation investments in and from the private sector. The Summer School 2022 as part of the PrivABoo Practitioners Lab, focuses on exploring the context of Adaptation SMEs and their climate change related opportunities and impacts. Additionally, adaptation tools and approaches will be discussed, as well as the financing opportunities for climate change adaptation.


Download the sessions content here: PrivABoo Summer School 2022.


How to register
• Up to 2 participants per organization can participate in the Summer School.
• To register please send a confirmation e-mail to including the participant’s name, position, e-mail address, name and website of the organization.
• Deadline for registration 30.06.2022.
• Participants who attend a minimum of 3 out of 4 sessions and actively participate in the group exercises will receive a participation certificate by GIZ.

For more information or any further questions, please contact or


PrivABoo Summer School 2024

The Summer School 2024, as part of the PrivABoo Practitioners Lab, took place on 10, 18 and 30 July. It is focused on exploring the context of Adaptation SMEs and their climate change related opportunities and impacts. Additionally, adaptation tools and approaches were discussed, as well as financing opportunities for climate change adaptation.

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PrivABoo Investor Meet & Greet | Second edition

Investor Meet & Greet sessions aim at connecting investors and companies to drive investments in climate change adaptation solutions. In each session, a small number of investors introduce themselves to the audience and welcome questions from and exchanges with the participants.

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E-learning course “Ecosystem-based Adaption (EbA): Working with nature to adapt to a changing climate”

This free, self-paced e-learning course is hosted on the online learning platform and features nine units comprised of video lectures, case studies, quizzes, and handouts. It equips learners with transferable and replicable skills for designing and implementing EbA initiatives by offering targeted training on topics such as key principles, risk assessments, monitoring, and governance. The e-learning course is available in English, French and in a brand-new Spanish version!

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