PIEVC Advisory Services

When infrastructure fails or underperforms there can be socioeconomic, environmental, and even political impacts that undermine overall development goals.

Atingi E-Learning Climate Proofing

In this course, participants will learn how to integrate climate change adaptation into the infrastructure lifecycle, using the climate proofing approach.

PIEVC Pathfinder

Questionnaire to support the selection and tailoring of climate resilient infrastructure services for GIZ-internal and external partners

Climate Proofing Manual

This manual provides orientation for systematic climate proofing of infrastructure investments. Countries in the Nile Basin invest billions of dollars in durable water infrastructure such as dams, irrigation canals, wells, and others to provide services to people.

Digital Climate Service Applications

The ‘Digital Climate Service Applications’ study report presents the outcomes of an in-depth investigation conducted by consultants in close cooperation with GIZ between November 2022 and August 2023. The primary aim of this study was to assess the existing trends and prospects concerning the technical, service, and institutional capabilities of Digital Climate Service Applications (DCSAs).

Projection Guidance of South Vietnam Drought

For the current Cai Be/Cai Lon sluice gate location in southern Vietnam, an ensemble of global climate models can provide some future guidance of precipitation change from present conditions, which can help inform future expectations of meteorological drought. Using the RSI CCHIP tool, ensemble average projections of future precipitation are provided using an ensemble of all AR5 assessment GCMs under the high emission scenario (RCP8.5).