Article: Climate Services for a Resilient Infrastructure: Planning Perspectives for a Sustainable Future of Vietnam

This article summarizes some initial findings of Viet Nam’s efforts and presents an innovative approach with 3 strategic measures: 1) To enhance provision of user-friendly climate services for infrastructure planners; 2) To enhance the use of climate services and consideration of climate risk assessment for infrastructure planning process and 3) To mainstream the approach of climate-proofing for infrastructure into the SEDP, NDC and NAP of Viet Nam.

Study on Enhancing Climate Services for the Road and Bridges Infrastructure Sector in Costa Rica

The study provides an overview of the Climate Service inventory which encompasses currently available Climate Service capacities and specific products. It furthermore reflects the current use and demands of Climate Services from the road infrastructure sector and lays out potential measures for enhancing Climate Services for the road and bridges infrastructure sector as a basis for efficient and effective adaptation planning.

Climate Services in Germany – Stakeholders, Challenges, Factors of Success

Within the German Adaptation Strategy, municipalities in Germany are given a special role in
its implementation and that is why they represent one of the largest target groups for Climate
Services. The study provides 6 main recommendations for an enhanced provision and use of Climate Services for adaptation planning in Germany

Assessment of Climate Service Providers Capabilities in Brazil

The Assessment of Climate Service Providers Capabilities in Brazil has been conducted as part of the baseline asssessment for the Climate Service for Infrastructure Investment (CSI) project. It demonstrates that a diverse set of stakeholders exist that provides Climate Services for different sectors and decision making context. The report is in Portuguese.

Public Infrastructure Climate Risk Assessment

How to assess infrastructure climate risks? This training course for practitioners and decision makers raises awareness about the specific requirements to assess climate risks of infrastructure. Whereby, many climate risk assessments focus on larger spatial scales and entities, the system of interest for infrastructure climate risk assessment is at the object level and its assets.