Guidance Note For Planning, Contracting And Effective Backstopping Of A Climate Risk And Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) [French Version]

French Version: Guide Pour La Planification, La Sous-Traitance Et Un Appui Efficace Pour Une Analyse De Risques Climatiques Et Vulnérabilité (ARCV)

The aim of this guidance note is to support GIZ staff in planning, tendering and backstopping a Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA). Why do experts overseeing CRVA need (yet) another guidance? Project staff overseeing CRVA might need additional guidance because the task is relatively complex and involves several actors and stakeholders.

The recommendations, tips and tricks given in this guidance are mainly referring to the approach for a CRVA presented by the GIZ Vulnerability Sourcebook, its Risk Supplement and the latest guidebook on Climate Risk Assessment for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA).